Initial Impression

Day 1

I've officially started my ride, leaving from Oceanside, CA.  Of all I've read about attempting such a journey, the first thing to expect is that it'll be rough for the first couple of weeks.  I'm finding my attempt is no exception.  But I'm glad to say my first 50 miles and first 4000 feet of vertical climb are behind me.  That being said, I'm forcing myself to take it slow.  The last thing I need is an injury right off the bat.  During my training, I probably should've done a bit more hill work with more weight.  I got very comfortable with a decently loaded bike and trailer, with a max of 1000 foot climb in a single ride.  Now with a fully loaded bike, and some serious vertical climbs, my body is telling me it's time to take it easy for a bit until I can adjust.  I'm having to force myself to just accept that this will take some time, and to sit back and give myself plenty of time to rest.   But, I'm optimistic - I'll be on the downhill for the next segment, and I'm feeling good.  

Starting from Oceanside Pier, CA.