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Thank you for your interest in becoming an individual supporter of this journey! 

Put your name on the boat!

For just $100, your name (or whatever you want, within reason) will be immortalized on the side of the boat!  We'll send you a photograph once it's complete.  Estimated delivery - June 2017.

Donate - Name on Boat
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Get a piece of the boat! 

For just $150, we'll send you an extra piece of the boat signed by Jacob.  We'll have extra materials during construction, and you'll get your own special memento of this historic journey!  Estimated Delivery - June 2017.

Donate - Piece of Boat

Our Generous Individual Supporters

  • Stacy Marcus
  • David Michna
  • Jennifer Pott
  • Andrea K. Silverstein
  • Cindy Hendrickson
  • The Reitzi Family
  • Pierce McGrath
  • Greg & Cindi Hendrickson
  • Jon Westmoreland
  • Gentrea & Kelby Hendrickson
  • ioMosaic Corporation
  • Ingrid Skoog
  • Karina Francia
  • Rachael Bryan
  • Levi Graber
  • Marjorie Halstead