Day 149

We are rapidly approaching the 5 month mark.  I'd say that warrants a quick update.  I'm currently on sea anchor due to a low pressure system passing north of Hawaii, moving northeast.  While waiting and drifting, and waiting some more, I've been contemplating the critical juncture up ahead.  Should I continue past Hawaii as planned?  We already know it's not as planned, I'm a couple of months behind schedule.  Should I continue past Hawaii even though I'm short on food?  That's the real question.  We also know there is no question, I'll continue.  The wheels haven't  fallen off yet, or the rudder, or the rudder drive that sounds like imminent death (I'm working on it).  Pending catastrophe between here and Hawaii, I'll continue.  

Physically, I'm holding up well.  I'm not taking medications for any ailments, so I'd say that's excellent. I'm still working through various joint and muscle pains, but nothing worth complaining about.  Regarding food:  Yes, I'm definitely going to be short at my current pace.  But, I have options.  Four that I can think of.  Quit early, catch food, go faster, or eat less.  Since quitting isn't an objective, I'm planning on combining the last three options.  It'll be a tricky balance, but not dangerous.  I still have divert options between Hawaii and Australia.  I've also monitored my body measurements on a monthly basis.  It's assuring to know I haven't lost body mass at an alarming rate.  I know my dietician and her students will definitely not like the eating less option.  I can only say I'll pay close attention to my body and modify my behavior accordingly.  I promise! 

Psychologically, I think I'm doing fine.  You'll be the better judge.  The biggest challenge has been living with an open ended and uncertain timeline.  Pilot-types don't do well with open ended and uncertain timelines, it's bad for business.  These are people that start meetings by ensuring all watches are synchronized to the second, and they all synchronize with the national atomic clock.  My patience is, therefore, being tested.  I've caught myself yelling at inanimate objects that are only annoying me because I put them there.  Or I failed to securely put them there.  Since my food supply is not open ended, I've also had a fair amount of anxiety sifting through options.  But as I've said, there are four, no need to keep worrying about it.  Overall, I'd say I've come to a sustainable psychological equilibrium.  Except with swimming.  I'm still terrified of whatever critters I might be swimming with.  They come out of nowhere!  It's an ordeal getting me out there with a scraper to clean the hull.  16,000 feet deep!  Sharks!  Mean looking turtles!  Jellyfish!  Mysterious dark shadows!  Ahhhh!  But I do it.  Begrudgingly. 

The documentary situation is one area that is definitely not happening as planned.  I am woefully unprepared for creating documentary content.  Apparently, learning the art of documentary filmmaking was low on my priority list.  I didn't bring the right equipment, and of the equipment I did bring, saltwater is taking its toll.  And cables.  Of all the handheld electronics on board, I didn't think cables would be such a limiting factor.  Broken and/or corroded cables has led to the demise of my cell phone, one iPod (by indirect methods involving a waterproof case), and access to the external hard drives.  One GoPro is completely dead, the other is partially compromised by saltwater.  For storage access, I have one cable left, that by inspection this morning is beginning to show strange green residues.  And without storage, we don't have much.  This is all fine with me, I'm here to remember it all.  However, if anyone thinks we should still have a documentary, there is still a chance.  

I will be passing near Hawaii sometime around the new year.  As I pass, it can be arranged to coordinate a delivery of documentary equipment (preferably with the filmmaker on board).  This wouldn't be classified as "assistance" since it wouldn't help me survive.  But it will allow for creating content.  However, in order for this to happen, we need coordination and money - something I can't do and have none of.  The long and short of it:  There will not be a documentary unless I get a fresh batch of documentary equipment.  I need a point man/woman/person to coordinate a boat rendezvous and to raise the required funds, approximately $10K.  If anyone out there has the time and desire to take this on, please email me directly at

I know it's a tough sell to take on a project like that, which is why I'd like to also offer the opportunity to help Water Mission with a charitable contribution.  Please see the support page at for links to Water Mission and a description of the great work they carry out.  Last year they served over 430,000 people!  Let's help them reach more in 2019.  We are sitting at 10% of our $30K target, please consider helping us achieve our fundraising goal!  Until then, I'll be spending the last month of 2018 trying to make it past Hawaii. One oar stroke at a time.