The Mission:  Complete the first solo, non-stop, unsupported ocean row from Neah Bay, WA to Cairns, Australia.  


The route will traverse the Pacific across 7,145 statute miles of open ocean, making it the longest solo, non-stop attempt from North America in the history of modern ocean rowing. 

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The Documentary

Created by Dave Unitan.  Please contact him directly for inquiries relating to the documentary.


The Boat:  A one of a kind, revolutionary design. 

This boat was designed with a purpose, specifically tailored to the needs of this historic journey.

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The Man

Meet Jacob - pilot gone adventurer. 

Jacob's love for adventure and the outdoors was cultivated during his youth as he rose through the Boy Scout program to obtain the highest rank of Eagle Scout.  This dedication and perseverance allowed Jacob to overcome the many obstacles and challenges required to join the elite group of people with successful careers as a fighter pilot.

On the path to becoming a pilot, he spent his time running track and cross-country, and playing the saxophone in both marching and symphonic band.  Instead of committing to music, he was selected to attend the United States Air Force Academy, where he walked-on to the football team as a defensive back.

After completing his undergraduate degree, Jacob spent more than a decade as a military aviator, flying fighter jets extensively throughout the Northern Hemisphere, to include over 170 combat missions.  As part of military training, he became very familiar with land and water survival, and enjoyed the challenges associated with overcoming adversity. 

An avid traveler, Jacob has explored over 35 countries.  He enjoys seeing new places through physical activities like hiking, skiing, and the occasional race.  Sensing a desire to accomplish a next-level physical challenge, his adventurous spirit led him to the goal of rowing across the Pacific Ocean. 

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